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Why Workplaces Must Become Bicycle-Friendly

Are you seeing more bike than usual by the workplace? If so, you are certainly not alone. According to many surveys, nearly 60 percent more people ride their bicycle to work compared to ten years back. Consequently, more workplaces are turning out to be bicycle friendly. This includes offering secure bike storage systems, info regarding bicycle policies in a company handbook and even offering shared bikes on the organization’s campus.
The advantages of bicycling to work for employees are clear: not just is it healthier & less traumatic, but bike-riders will spend less on car-associated expenditure. Nevertheless, employers can benefit from this rising trend also. Here’re a few reasons why workplaces must become bicycle-friendly.
Employee Satisfaction:
The trend of cycling is on the rise. This is especially because of an increasing penchant by the younger generation to live in more urban regions & a lessening attention in vehicle ownership. These look to be more structural rather than cycling trends. By making your workplace bike friendly, you’re serving to the increasingly urban & less-car-reliant populace. It is an advantage that can have a huge impact on employee contentment.
It decreases sick time & lower insurance costs:
The increasing cost of health care of late has been a significant challenge & companies are looking for inventive ways to lessen those expenses. Luckily, those who ride their bikes to workplace cost less to insure.
Cycling boosts productivity:
According to studies, bicyclists take 15 percent less sick days in comparison to people who don’t. Furthermore, exercising prior to work, in general, can boost output by 15 percent
Bicyclists make commuting easier for those who need to drive:
Of course, whether because of health or distance, not everybody can avoid driving cars. But by motivating biking, or at least facilitating bicycle-friendly workplace, you are indirectly helping in reducing the numbers of automobiles on the roads. What does that mean for you? With lesser automobiles on the road, the people who’ve to commute to work will have to deal less with the traffic-related stresses and are expected to report to office earlier in the morning. And they will likely be happier when they come to the workplace.
If you are one of those employers who want to encourage employs to commute workplace on bicycles, you will definitely love the concept of making your workspace more bike-friendly by installing highly durable bike storage systems from Kings Bicycle Parking. We’ve been offering finely finished & durable commercial bike racks for indoor and outdoor use for shopping centers, parks, office premises and colleges since 1966. Get in touch with our team now to discuss your exact bike storage needs.
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