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Making the Right Choice of Bike Racks

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A bike rack is one of the simpler things and is a safe place to leave your bike. If you are looking to buy bike racks, you should consider a few factors. Follow the below-discussed things and you’ll be on the right track to make the perfect selection.


Making the bike parking obvious – Bike racks should be seen – the signage and bright colors help. It also requires being recognizable as bike parking, and needs no explanations. Keeping bike racks near the entrances and other areas where people are passing by can help you prevent theft.


Getting the spacing right –You need enough space for the bike and around the bike. You shouldn’t forget swing room for getting the bike in and out of the parking space. It’s well-worth having a bike around when installation happens to use as a helpful guide.


There is a plenty of room for the bikes to store properly along the length of the bike racks. Street furniture and walls should not impact the way a bike is locked to the rack.


Buying the strong racks –Bike racks are generally manufactured from steel as it’s resistant to cutting and easy to maintain. The finish of rack should be perfect for the location.


However, galvanised mild steel is affordable and when its powder coated, it allows to choose from different color options. Stainless steel bike racks are more corrosion resistant in salty conditions and don’t tarnish.


Focusing on the safety – The location of parking plays a key role in safety of bike racks. Cyclists prefer parking that is visible to the public and they focus on racks that can be seen from within the destination.


Choosing a good installation surface and technique are key to creating bike parking that remains secure and appealing over time. The bike rack requires be anchoring, securing with the perfect fasteners for the installation surface.


Considering the time your bike is going to stay in the racks – Usually, short term bike parking is considered to be less than two hours. The emphasis is on convenience and ease. If the bike parking is far away, cyclists should lock their bike to the closest object that may not be as suitable as a heavy duty bike rack.


For the long-term bike parking, your main focus is on security. Bikes are often left for long time and bike parking requires being weather-proof for year-round use.


For a residential building or workplace, you require additional protection of either enclosure – lockers, shelters, bike rooms, or surveillance. But the areas should be lighted preferably. When the bike parking isn’t perfect, cyclists lock their bikes to anything that seems secure causing hazards for pedestrians and damage to other fixtures.


Therefore, its well-worth taking enough time to get the bike racks right as good parking is always a win-win situation. Though it’s ok to start small when considering bike racks, you should be cautious that demand increases, if quality parking appears.


Buying the perfectly-designed bike racks – It’s time to buy perfectly-engineered bike racks at Kings Bicycle Parking, Australia.

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